LaBomba is the high energy American/Dutch roots/rock trio from The Hague in Holland.

Besides Peter on drums and vocals the power trio has guitar virtuoso Maroen Franse on guitar and vocals and American Dutchman Dave Bordeaux on bass and vocals at the front of the stage. Dave is not the only link to the US. Maroen left Holland for LA at the age of 16 to study guitar at the famous GIT where Steve Vai and Eddy van Halen were among his teachers.

They play their songs with high live energy and use all their vocals for tight vocal harmonies and choose the lead vocal that fits the song best. Not a lot of bands that can do that. It makes them sound very American.

3voor12 (VPRO) called their sound a combination of Eddie Vedder and an early Aerosmith. We like that idea and compliment, but to us LaBomba sounds like…….LaBomba.

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Early 2018 they released their first album “Fresh, Loud and Different” and that is what they are. Fresh, loud and different. A lot of songs for the next album are already written and november 2018 the band will hit the studio again.

Besides that he band will tour and record a live album in 12 venues. Afterwards 1 tracks o each venue will be released on a live CD planned for early 2019.

The band:

Dave Bordeaux bass and vocals (Diesel, Billy the Kid, The Clarks)

Maroen Franse on guitars and vocals (Winterland, Rebel)

Peter Nelissen on drums and vocals (Smokin’Cadillac, Yaya’s)